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'A Fortune Teller told me..' How many times do we hear this? People have always searched for the meaning of life, trying to comprehend its mystery and find a key to the future and to influence their fate.

The history of the world is full of prophecies and portents, but we tend to feel, especially in the West, that all this belongs to the past. In Asia, however, the occult is still invoked to explain current events at least as often as economics or, until recently, ideology. In the Far East what we call superstition is still very much part of every day life. Astrology, Chiromancy, reading a persons face, feet, tea leaves or a palm leaf can play a substantial role in a persons life and public affairs.

The six part series will examine the serious and not so serious ways of reading the past, present and future. As we travel through the Far East we will see just how people are influenced, following the personal journey of the Brendan McDonnell.

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